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Rapid transformational therapy & life coaching

What is your Freedom worth?

Irina McCann is practising RTT™ which is proven to deliver rapid yet permanent results through powerful transformations. What is it that you'd like to be free from? What is that thing that's is in your way to absolute happiness? And what if I said that I have a magic wand to set you free almost instantly?

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My clients share their experience:

"I connected with Irina for an RTT session recently to help me with my lower than normal energy. I felt there were some inner blocks and resistance to moving forward with my life even though lots of good things were happening.

I felt totally relaxed and at ease with Irina and in really safe hands. Irina was expertly able to get to the root of my issue very quickly. The clarity felt liberating! The rest of the session was equally amazing as Irina helped me to install new and empowering beliefs around having high energy to help me move forward with my life. I now feel like my Mind is one my side and working for me (rather than against me). I've enjoyed listening to the recording Irina made me which has continued to empower me, beyond our empowering session! I'm now sleeping better, have consistently high energy, and am moving forward far easier than before. I highly recommend Irina. Thank you so much!"

Will Aylward - Germany

"I became aware of the benefits of RTT a few months ago after a good friend advised me to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose. I tried everything up to this point. I had a specific goal in mind. To become more confident. I am not exaggerating when I say 21 days passed and my life turned around. Almost from the get go. Began achieving things in work, reconnected in love to mention a few rapid changes in my life. My overall outlook on life and also outlook of myself has changed..for the better. I urge anybody who has specific goals or changes they want to make within themselves and find yourself hitting a wall, to let Irina knock that wall down. Remove them barriers. It's your path to total freedom. Give it a try. Irina is very professional and perfect at what she does."

Signed: A now very confident John

I transformed myself, and I want to help you do it, too.

For a number of years I felt emptiness inside of me that was growing stronger with each day. Due to certain circumstances I completely lost myself. Lack of motivation, severe lack of energy, worsening asthma, mood swings & migraine that lasted days, and sometimes weeks. Doctors didn't find anything that would alarm them. They kept saying "it's just stress". I got melatonin tablets to sleep better and yet another inhaler "to keep me going". I realised that if I didn't get myself out of the hole I was in - I'd lose desire for life completely, and fall into an even deeper depression.

That's when I decided to gather all the last bits of energy that were left in me, and do my best to transform my life. I didn't have a mentor, a coach or any guidance as to what to do, and how to move away from pain and start enjoying my life for once.

My new journey started with daily meditations. My busy mind rebelled at first, as meditating was so unfamiliar, and I would quickly get distracted. It took me weeks and weeks to learn to meditate for 3 minutes, then 5, then 10...

Sometimes I would feel that I finally found answers I'd been searching for, but then I'd get lost again. And again.

I set out on a journey to find who I really was, to learn to love and respect myself again, and find my life purpose. I was so longing to mornings when I'd wake up feeling I'm following my heart's desire, feeling inspired and driven. 

Helping other people as a coach at first, and then qualifying to practise Rapid Transformational Therapy - gave me that clarity I'd been looking for. Thanks to RTT I am free from asthma, migraines, depression, insomnia & mood swings. My life is truly amazing, and since I experienced the power of Rapid Transformation myself, I am recommending it to my clients with no hesitation, knowing that it will set you free, too.

You do not need to spend years searching for a solution, like I did.

RTT is able to tackle all your problems within 1-3 sessions. Schedule a free discovery call, and let's explore the potential of RTT in your life. I promise, this will change your life forever. To the better.

With love,



Combining my passion, expertise and experience lets me empower other people. Whatever your goal is - to get through a temporary storm, or change your life once and for all - I am here with you & for you. Start your journey today!

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