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I transformed myself, and I want to help you do it, too.

Good few years back before my children were born, before I started even thinking about making a family, I was forced into an abusive relationship followed by marriage. All that happened against my will. I did not have a say.

As months and years were passing by, I felt the emptiness inside of me that was growing stronger with each day. I completely lost myself, doctors didn't see anything wrong with me, but I knew that if I don't get myself out of the hole I was in - I'd lose all the desire for life.

That's when I decided to gather all the last bits of energy that were left in me, and do my best to transform my life. I didn't have a mentor, a coach or any guidance as to what to do, and how to move away from pain and start enjoying my life for once.

My new journey started with little meditations every day, I could only meditate for a minute at a time at first, because my busy mind would try and succeed in getting distracted. It took me weeks and weeks to learn to meditate for 3 minutes, then 5, then 10...

At some point I felt that I finally found some answers to my questions as a result of meditation, but then I felt that I lost them again. And again.

I set out on a journey of finding self-love, and purpose to feel fulfilled. After a long couple of years of every day's work on myself, I finally found it. The realisation of what my purpose is filled me with love, compassion, confidence and gave me so much clarity.

Ever since I've been helping other people through coaching and now I became a qualified RTT Practitioner.

You do not need to waste years to be free of whatever issue you are experiencing. You do not need to spend years, like I did. Schedule a free discovery call, and I will show you how I can help you by having 1-3 RTT sessions. I promise, this will change your life forever. To the better.

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Combining my passion, expertise and experience has let me empower many people. Whatever your goal is - to get through a temporary storm, or change your life once and for all - I am here for you. Start your journey today!

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Will Aylward

"I connected with Irina for an RTT session recently to help me with my normal than lower energy. I felt there were some inner blocks and resistance to moving forward with my life even though lots of good things were happening.

I felt totally relaxed and at ease with Irina and in really safe hands. Irina was expertly able to get to the root of my issue very quickly. The clarity felt liberating! The rest of the session was equally amazing as Irina helped me to install new and empowering beliefs around having high energy to help me move forward with my life. I now feel like my Mind is one my side and working for me (rather than against me). I've enjoyed listening to the recording Irina made me which has continued to empower me, beyond our empowering session! I'm now sleeping better, have consistently high energy, and am moving forward far easier than before. I highly recommend Irina. Thank you so much!"


"I have been working for myself all my life but have always been struggling with money for as long as i remember myself. After 2 sessions with Irina, one coaching and one RTT and a couple of follow up calls I see old patterns changing! I'm no longer scrambling and finally feel good about anything got to do with money!"


"Must say I'm amazed by the changes that I see happening every day! I've been lacking on confidence, it held me back at work and in my personal life. All my friends have been married with kids for ages, and I've been the only one left that was single, feeling left out all the time. After our single session with Irina, my life has taken an unexpected turn. I got a raise at work week 2 after the session, I've noticed how the girl that I've been secretly admiring for so long, has been looking at me. Result: not single anymore, my confidence is back! Thank you Irina!"


"I've been going through a tough patch in my family life, and a friend of mine recommended Irina. We've spoken over the phone, I filled out a form, and within 2 weeks time, after just one visit I saw a huge improvement in my life. After listening to the recording Irina sent me after the session, I've noticed that I became more relaxed than ever before. Can recommend Irina to anybody with all sorts of issues."