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what is rtt?

RTT is a standalone therapy method that is based on neuroscience, and combines the most beneficial principals of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

RTT delivers rapid transformational results for majority of emotional, psychological and physical issues, by replacing the old belief system with the new, beneficial one.

In most cases it will take a client from 1 to 3 RTT sessions to be fully free from their issue, and with a personalised recording and ongoing support, I make sure that my clients many successes don't stop where RTT stops.

RTT delivers a permanent change.
The question is: are you ready for it?

Watch the video below, where Marisa Peer - the founder of RTT, is explaining the benefits of it in detail.





1 hour + phone / Zoom call where we will:

  • establish trust
  • dive into your idea of FREEDOM
  • decide on how we will take it a step further
  • schedule a session

Over this phone call you will receive invaluable tips on how to improve your life, and get a transformational recording that will help you prepare for our session & relax like you never did before.


RTT Session

90-150 minute session where we will tap into your subconscious mind, discover the root-cause of your problem & fix it.

At the end of the session you will feel empowered, moved and happy.

You will notice changes start happening in your life, your mind and your body over the 21 days following our session.

The personalised RTT recording you will get on the day of our Rapid Transformational Session will ensure that these changes are permanent, and you are getting to the place where you always wanted to be.


RTT Session

Over 30 days post-session you will receive two 1:1 coaching sessions.

We will either meet in a nice location, or conduct them over the phone / Zoom.

Over these sessions you will get ongoing coaching that will empower you & support the change. We will integrate you in your new life more effectively & very efficiently.

You can expect:

  • conversations you've never had before
  • overall pleasant experience that will ensure you are most comfortable living your new life.



"I became aware of the benefits of RTT a few months ago after a good friend advised me to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose. I tried everything up to this point.

I had a specific goal in mind. To become more confident. I am not exaggerating when I say 21 days passed and my life turned around. Almost from the get go. Began achieving things in work, reconnected in love to mention a few rapid changes in my life.

My overall outlook on life and also outlook of myself has changed..for the better. I urge anybody who has specific goals or changes they want to make within themselves and find yourself hitting a wall, to let Irina knock that wall down. Remove them barriers.

It's your path to total freedom. Give it a try. Irina is very professional and perfect at what she does."

Signed: A now very confident John


"I connected with Irina for an RTT session recently to help me with my lower than normal energy. I felt there were some inner blocks and resistance to moving forward with my life even though lots of good things were happening.

I felt totally relaxed and at ease with Irina and in really safe hands. Irina was expertly able to get to the root of my issue very quickly. The clarity felt liberating!

The rest of the session was equally amazing as Irina helped me to install new and empowering beliefs around having high energy to help me move forward with my life. I now feel like my Mind is one my side and working for me (rather than against me).

I've enjoyed listening to the recording Irina made me which has continued to empower me, beyond our empowering session! I'm now sleeping better, have consistently high energy, and am moving forward far easier than before.

I highly recommend Irina. Thank you so much!"

Will Aylward - Germany


"I had a Rapid Transformational Session with Irina for my self doubt and uncertainty. This has been affecting my confidence to show up in my business and making decisions in my personal life too. I found myself procrastinating, doubting my next move and saying “I don’t know”.

The days following the session I felt as though my feelings of self doubt and uncertainty had been neutralised. I saw where I had created these beliefs and perceptions from childhood events. The thoughts of “I don’t know what to do” don’t even pop into my head anymore.

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling a lot more confident in myself and the decisions I am making. I feel more certain about my directions for my future and the steps I want to take to achieve this.

Irina is an incredibly gifted and talented therapist. One word to describe Irina is ‘Quality’. Irina is very thorough in everything she does and tailor makes the session so the client can experience a powerful transformation. She is compassionate, sincere and so warm you instantly feel very relaxed and safe in her presence.
I have had many sessions with therapists before and I must say this session with Irina was phenomenal. She really does go above and beyond to create the ultimate transformational experience.

I am looking forward to my next session with Irina again soon. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve any area of their life to work with Irina."

M. Bassett - Australia





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