Intro. How it all got started.


As a child I was naturally curious, hyper and extremely outgoing. I felt comfortable around other people, no matter how big or small a group of people was, and what ages they were. I felt incredibly happy all the time, like, over the moon happy, and nothing could discourage me. I easily trusted people. And all these qualities stuck with me throughout the years.

The last one got me into trouble, however. Twice. Two broken marriages. Two babies from the last one. My poor decisions, tons of time spent in depression. I’ve lost myself completely in my last relationship. To the point of desperation, and this feeling that I’d never be able to get out of it.

This year something changed in me. Something changed in my life. So dramatically and so fast, that I had no other option but looking for ways out of the hole I got myself into over the years.

First step was taking responsibility for everything that had been happening to me. Every single thing. It was the hardest part. Hard to accept that all the abuse I got over the past 6 years, all the crap that was poured over my head, that all the sufferings, all the lies, all the screaming sessions and all my tears – I have been responsible for all that all along. And blamed others. I realised that it’s been one hell of a journey, but I was still here.

Took me ages, but eventually I realised where my passion lies. I realised, that all that pain in my life taught me a lot of things, and that I absolutely had to go through all that to come out the other side and find the new me. The real me. The “me” that’s been secretly watching everything that had been before my eyes, learning and getting stronger.

I knew that I had to help others who feel miserable, who see no way out, or those who have everything but aren’t happy in life. This is my mission. And I am dedicated to give my all to transforming other people’s lives. Because seeing peoples’ eyes light up, watching them smile happily makes me feel complete.

So enjoy the free and paid content on this website, and let me help you make that very important change – change to the better.



I am a great believer that majority of our issues come from within our mind, and that the connection in between mind & body is unspeakably powerful. More so, you cannot fix something that you don't understand.

I practise RTT™ - the most powerful therapy method there is. Contact me today for a free Discovery session.

Irina K. McCann - a happy mum, Rapid Transformational Practitioner, Life Coach.