Why RTT™ is amazing & how it can help you

How you can benefit from an RTT session

Briefly about Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT combines the most effective aspects of neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & cognitive behavioural therapy. Incorporating these elements into one therapy method allows your therapist to help you free yourself from any issue/ailment within a very short space of time.

Nobody is perfect & we all have a certain “life baggage” that we want to be free from. I have worked with a number of clients on depression, anxiety, bad habits, money blocks. Pretty much anything that is blocking your path to a happy healthy life can be dealt with in an RTT session

How can RTT help you

Is there anything at all that you want to be free from, anything that you would like to leave behind you & never come back to?

What if I granted you one single wish? Expand your mind & answer yourself what do you really-really want?

The good news is – you can get the life you want sooner than you can imagine. And it’s genuinely disturbing that very few people know about it.

I have recently worked with a lady who suffered from severe back pain. She was on pain killers & very distressed because the pain was so persistent. She couldn’t sit or stand for long, and she had to quit her job to be able to cope with pain.

Over the session we went back to the root & the cause of the back pain, and as it transpired, she had very little support in life. Certain traumatic events have caused for her emotions to be suppressed. But the connection between our mind & our body is truly incredible, and her back pain was the way of her body expressing these hidden feelings for her.

In just one session my client understood where the issue came from, she dealt with all those suppressed emotions, rewired her mind to think differently & developed a totally different coping mechanism. She left transformed, and this is the most beautiful part – seeing people change.

So how can RTT help YOU?

“Every thought or idea causes a physical reaction. Your thoughts can affect all of the
functions of your body. WORRY thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that in time
can lead to ulcers. ANGER thoughts stimulate your adrenal glands that put increased
adrenaline in the blood stream, which causes many body changes including a speeded
up golf swing. ANXIETY and FEAR thoughts affect your pulse rate.”

Imagine that the reason behind your issue lays in your own mind. The mind that you cannot tap into that easily. And now let’s talk about the way an RTT session is structured:

  1. First of all I will put you into hypnosis. It’s not the type of hypnosis you see on stages, it’s a very light, relaxed state where your conscious drifts off, and your subconscious steps in. You are in full control of yourself throughout the whole session.
  2. Then we start looking at different scenes that happened with or around you over your lifetime, it helps us find the root of your issue.
  3. After the root was found I will help you transform your life using a number of different techniques. This will rewire your subconscious mind & rapidly change your life.
  4. You will get your personalised recording that you will be listening to for 21 days post session to cement the new beliefs in your mind.

What’s next?

You don’t need to do anything apart from booking yourself in for a free consultation call. It’s a non-obligatory call that lasts an hour. Over this hour you will receive invaluable tips & get a great insight into how exactly RTT can help you.

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I am a great believer that majority of our issues come from within our mind, and that the connection in between mind & body is unspeakably powerful. More so, you cannot fix something that you don't understand.

I practise RTT™ - the most powerful therapy method there is. Contact me today for a free Discovery session.

Irina K. McCann - a happy mum, Rapid Transformational Practitioner, Life Coach.